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April 13, 2010-2/5 April 13, 2010

Filed under: Journal? — awesomebananadancer @ 6:55 pm

Last year, pulling an all-nighter was for bragging rights. Now, it’s a habit.

So basically, I didn’t sleep at all. I “woke up” at 8:30, I was just so tired, didn’t want to get up. Breakfast was delicious! I had half an apple. School was pretty good, I had no clue what happened in the morning, forgot about it. Period 3 and 4 was cool, we had to print out a CS contract. There were some minor complications though, Yertle the Turtle decided to banish me from the library so Trina had to go to his evil lair and get me back. *Level up* After, Yertle the Turtle didn’t like that so he silenced me instead. I promptly killed him and went right back to talking.

The afternoon was taken up by math contest. Random Guesses FTW! That’s all I have to say.

Uhhh… Harmony was terrible, as usual. I’m supposed to write a mock exam on Saturday when I take about 6 hours to finish an exam. Also, my most recent exam resulted in 67 out of 100. The moment I got home I  closed my eyes and sat on my chair till dinner.


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