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April 17, 2010 April 18, 2010

Filed under: Journal? — awesomebananadancer @ 11:01 pm

Whee! It’s my birthday! What would be better to do than to write a… mock exam?! Out of all days, why this one? Anyway, I think I did alright on the exam, I mean I finished all the questions. I did find the wrong key for something so that’s 5 marks off. Considering I started in like January, something in the mis to high 70’s is good. After the exam, I watched Clash of the Titans. It was an awesome movie, check for more info on it. The animators who did the art for the scary people’s faces are talented. They looked pretty nasty!

After, spaghetti! There was one mix-up but other than that dinner was awesome. I had Sprite in a How to train your dragon cup as well as spicy meat sauce. It was really spicy so when I breathed out I felt like breathing out fire.

Overall, awesome day. 5/5


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