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April 18, 2010 April 18, 2010

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Church-boring as ever. 9:30 was pretty good, we talked about airplanes and exploding engines. 11:30 was like X.X. Choir was also X.X, Theo and me took refuge in a room and played piano and sung for a while but we got punished for that. I had to wait for dad to come back from visiting a friend. I took him 2 and a half hours. WTF? That’s over 5 hours leaving me waiting. I swear one day, I’ll lock him up for 5 hours with nothing to do. When I locked the door, he kicked it open, the lock broke. After he got pissed at me even though he did the exact same thing to me. What is with Asian dads and overreacting? Evening, tired, crashed, headache from crying. Boy, I cry a lot, crying is good for you though!

Overall, day had ups and downs. 3/5


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