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New Assignment Process April 19, 2010

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Alright, so for term 1 and 2 this is process for writing an assignment.

1. Write Assignment.
2. Hand in.

Nice and easy right? Now, look at the process

1. Ponder on experience
2. Create a mental outline
3. Begin writing
4. Figure out that you need to restart because it sucks
5. Re write it.
6. Edit it.
7. Take out a whole section and rewrite
8. Implement your own edits.
9. Call people, MSN people, twitter people, facebook people
10. Take a person for editing
11. Hum to yourself while other person is editing
12. Go watch TV for a while
13. Take a shower
14. Play a game
15. Paint your house red
16. Receive assignment back.
17. Look at edits
18. Ask yourself was the assignment really that bad?
19. Implement edits.
20. Find another person via phone, MSN, twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs, digg, dailybooth, websites, youtube, etc.
21. Ask them to edit.
22. Wait for them to reply no.
23. Find another person via all of the above
24. Find out there’s nobody to edit.
25. Ask parents to edit
26. Construct a model of the CN tower
27. Go to the supermarket and buy some mushrooms
28. Talk to Obama for a while
29. Sleep for a couple of days
30. Go to Hawaii for vacation
31. Receive assignment back
32. Find out only comment was a messy scrawl saying “good”
33. Scream in rage
34. Hand in Assignment

Well, maybe not that extreme but you get the point. It just took a lot longer to complete an assignment.


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