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Rant on JCKids May 2, 2010

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The following body of text is only thoughts from the children you are teaching. You may take this information and implement some ideas into JCKids or you may think to yourself about how annoying children are nowadays. The ideas are not numbered to show priority, they are just there.

1. Ages

Last year, everybody was divided into primary and intermediate. This year you mixed everybody together. Why did you do that? You are teaching the same thing to everybody. Do you realize how dumb that is? That’s like putting grade seven’s and grade one’s and teaching them addition. The younger kids may be learning but the older kids are finding it as boring as watching grass grow. Teach us something new. While on that topic, teaching new stuff. For the past 5 years, it’s always been the same games, same lessons, same crafts. In reality, people say “doing it over again lets you catch things you didn’t catch the last time. I don’t agree. And also, if people did miss something, they weren’t paying attention the first time.

I know you can’t get a separate class for everybody but at least separate them into two grades if not three.

2. Free time activities

There are three activities you can do, crafts, sports and board games. I have no concern over craft, there are new things all the time, the final products look nice and the people that do participate seem happy. The same thoughts apply to the science corner.

The games we have are great! There is this one game; you have to match up colours! Isn’t that fun? Yeah, didn’t think so. Some of these games just don’t make sense, they are for preschool. That duck game just lies on the carpets. A lot of other games have no instructions or way too many missing pieces. The only 2 real games there are is chess and jenga. In September, you told us there would be “a wide variety”. Two games is certainly a wide variety, there might be more, four at maximum.

Next, the sports room. For the longest time, we had to play, air hockey, foosball and darts. Now these aren’t bad games, it’s just if you spam them over and over again each week, it gets really boring. Also, if that’s your definition of sport, that’s pretty messed. In a sport, people get hurt, nothing wrong with that, it teaches people to suck it up, don’t cry. You said changing the sports every week was something you would implement, if you need some ideas for sports, here are a couple. Dodgeball, soccer, basketball, hockey, handball, baseball, california kickball, tennis, darts, badminton, golf. Also, there are variations for each game, here’s dodgeball to get you started: Doctor dodgeball, other team dodgeball, war dodgeball, hotdog dodgeball, official dodgeball, baby dodgeball, 6 ball dodgeball, random dodgeball, variety dodgeball.

3. Chores

Again, in the beginning of the year, you said stuff to us. You told us we would be setting up snack, this would get us more points. Not only did we not get any points but it’s now a chore. An expectation. This was just a sneaky way for us to agree to something we didn’t want to do. I don’t mind too much, but telling us at the beginning of the year would be better considering we know we will have to slave away at stuff.

4. Prizes

Motivation can go a long way, in September, we won the contest thing, the next month, we nearly won. After a couple of months, we found out that the prizes were really just cruddy stuff. Like, an eyepatch? Am I going to save it for 9 months later for Halloween? No thanks. For the prizes I don’t even care anymore, just give the prizes to the little kids, they’ll want it more.


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